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Wouldn't it be great if you could just manage to assemble a team of your IDEAL CUSTOMERS to promote your brand? 
Worthy Ads finds the right people to promote your brand in the market. Just fill up a form and our team will help you do the rest in the onboarding process. No matter if you own a café/restaurant/clinic or a multi-million dollar brand, with thousands of products, we can help you get the virality your brand needs. Below is the process we follow-
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#1 Data Collection

We collect your business details, idea customer profile and the product/service details from you while onboarding the project. If outside the form information is needed, our team will reach out.

#2 Designing Your Campaign

Based on the data about your company, we create a strategy, graphics, and do copywriting for the campaign which is to be distributed further  by our mass influence community.

#3 Finding The Right Promoters

We collect your business details, idea customer profile and the product/service details from you while onboarding the project. If outside the form information is needed, our team will reach out.


Increase trust

Getting promoted by enough people ensures that you get the trust of their friends and family. Plus, if you increase the number of people promoting your brand, the same people will start noticing your brand promoted by different people, which will increase trust on your brand.

Organic Promotion & Sales

Our Growth Hacking tool will get your brand promoted organically only. You will even get to know the people who promoted your brand so that you know how close your promoters are to your ideal customers. As a result, the traffic you will get on your website will have a higher chance of conversion.

Customer Targeting

In the Initial Onboarding form, we ask about your ideal customer so that the promoters we choose for you can get your brand  in front of your ideal customers. WorthyAds is the only  managed, organized and targeted, organic marketing solution that gives you 20 targeting options.

100,000 Reach Minimum

The number of promoters multiplied by 1000 is the minimum reach you will get in every campaign. All our campaigns start with a minimum of 100 promoters which mean you get a minimum of 100,000 reach. This can easily go 3x based on your niche and ideal customer.

Highest Virality Potential

With worthy ads, your ideal or close to ideal customers will start promoting your brand and to get you their targeted reach, they will circulate it to different social media platforms. With enough number of people promoting your brand, the campaign there is min 80% chance of going viral.

Network Effect

Because common folks will be sharing and circulating your brand not the influencers, their network will start considering your brand as their recommendation resulting in transferring of the promoter's trust to your brand. Meaning Strong Brand Building With Good Sales.
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They say you only need 10 people to promote your brand in their network. Imagine 100 people promoting your brand to a minimum of 1,00,000 people. This is how a movement starts. This is how virality begins.

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